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Jet Rescue  owns its Air Ambulance Aircraft,These Aircraft are operated by FAA Part 135 Certified Air Carrier Century Aviation                                                                                           Certificate Number LDIA742M  

The air ambulance specialists in long range flights and complex air medical transports.

Jet Rescue is the largest international air ambulance service provider in the region. We have been in business since 1994.We clearly understand that our business is to help people who probably are going thru the worst day of their lives, and we are here to HELP! Our passion to perform under the most difficult circumstances,experience,professionalism,reliability,innovation and solid infrastructure along with a very competitive pricing structure has made Jet Rescue air ambulance service the preferred provider for insurance, assistance companies, and corporate clients.Jet Rescue is very sensitive to air ambulance costs without sacrificing quality.


Jet Rescue is one of the few Air Ambulance Specialists in the region that is internationally accredited by the European Aero-Medical Institute (EURAMI).


We  provide air ambulance services,scheduled air ambulance medical transport,international air ambulance, domestic air ambulance services and medical escorts across the Americas and worldwide. Jet Rescue Air Ambulance is able to perform the most complex retrievals and repatriations south of the United States Border. 


Our  primary service area includes:  

North America, South America, Mexico,Belize,El Salvador,Honduras,Nicaragua, PAnama, Costa Rica,Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, The Caribbean, Peru, Bolivia,Uruguay Colombia, Chile, Brazil,Uruguay,Paraguay and Argentina.


With an all-Learjet fleet and a Helicopter we are are able to perform the most complex retrievals and repatriations south of the United States Border.  These aircraft are  100 % dedicated intensive care air ambulances, equipped with the most modern technology. 


Our Team of air ambulance specialists

It takes a great group of people to provide the best possible care for critically ill and injured patients. Jet Rescue Air Ambulance is made up of a team of amazing of professionals who love what they do.

Our aeromedical teams – doctors, nurses, pilots and paramedics – are at the frontline of delivering critical care to patients.


Our flight coordinators make sure all logistics are in place, paying special attention to all details quickly, smoothly and safely.


Our support services team -ground support, marketing,community engagement, administration, IT and finance teams – keep it all going so the operational people can focus on their job of saving lives.

Our Air Ambulance Equipment

All of our air ambulance jets and helicopter carry  the most modern ICU medical equipment available today.


*         Zoll X Monitor with , EtoC, SP02, Nibp,             IBP, ICP, dual Temp, 12 lead, pacing,               WI-FI,Blue  tooth.

*         Medsytem III 3 channel pumps

*         Sonosite 180 Plus Portable Ultrasound

*         Istat Portable Laboratory

*         Life Port Stretcher systems

*         Hamilton T1Ventilator

*         ICU invasive medical packs

*         Vacuum mattresses

*         Min 6400 liters Medical Oxygen

*         Extended ICU level Medications

*         ICU level medical supplies for extended           flights